Jay Rock Drops Very Dark & Suspenseful New Video, OSOM feat. J. Cole

Jay Rock isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Just days after releasing his third solo album, Redemption, as well as the second video from the album, Rock is already back with a third set of visuals from said album.  As earlier today he premiered through Vevo the new Jack Begert & Dave Free co-directed video for his J. Cole collaboration, OSOM.  Easily one of the most standout tracks from the album, the new visual like pretty much almost all (probably really all) TDE visuals really brings the record truly to life and plays more like an actual cinematic mini-movie masterpiece.  As the new visual opens with both emcees in a motel room and Rock washing his hands from a bloody situation him and Cole got in.  They then concoct a plan and put away the stash that they got together and go their separate ways till their planned time to meet again later.  Rock and Cole than go through the different motions throughout the day riding around the city.  Whether it be stopping for gas, food or stopping to visit their girl’s crib, as in the case of the latter.  They both feel paranoid and like someone is out to get them.  Which they both hint at towards the end of the clip, when they meet up again as they had planned from the beginning.  Rock feeling more like it’s just bad weed, while Cole feels it’s actually somebody out to get one or both of them.  The very suspenseful visual is easily the best visual I’ve seen so far this year and in quite some years with how it grabs and literally holds your attention from the very beginning of the clip to the end like a true suspense thriller show or movie.  It’s quite eerie at how it really hits home with all the recent passings in the Hip-Hop community that make it that much more symbolic for not only many of the music artists and in particular emcees or just rappers in the Hip-Hop community right now, but how a lot of us fans can even relate too.  Even if we don’t reach the full on paranoia levels a lot of these artists experience, we can still get pretty dang close though.  Which is why this is such a great visual that you really need to watch from beginning to end and if nothing else you do today, at least make sure you watch this.  It will make you cherish your life and others around you lives, whether family, friends or whoever else that much more.