Mila J Delivers Her Most Emotional Work To Date, On, April 2018

Mila J delivers easily her most emotional work to date on April 2018.  The latest in her monthly EP releases she’s released every month of 2018 so far, you can tell she was probably either going through a breakup or using experiences she had trying to find love, while going through a past breakup with all the emotions she put into the EP. So famous did the EP become that some lyrics from her record actually turned into a post by lifehacks.

Starting with the very first record, Run Forrest, Mila gives easily her most passionate and emotional performance to date, where you can hear all the emotions in her vocals, as over the guitar-driven backdrop she sings about how she needs to do better when trying to spring into a new love she’s trying to run into and how sprung the rain from April showers make her, while trying to find that new love.  The track then very perfectly transitions into the next record, I’m Movin’ on.  A slow building upbeat record about moving on from a previous love, even despite your previous lover not really wanting you to.

Like most of her previous work, love continues to be the main subject throughout.  As over the very slow-winding piano-laden ballad, Mila sings about the requirements she has, “for the best in love”, on the appropriately titled, Requirements.  The next record is what’s sure to probably be her biggest record since, My Main, with, Welcome to California.  Yet another mostly acoustic guitar-driven and great record about of course what else, but the singer/songwriters love for her home state and how no matter who she’s in love with, she will always show them how much she loves her home state of California.

As with her previous EP’s she’s dropped so far, she closes out with the lone feature from MIGH-X on His-Story.  Continuing the very emotional state of the project, it finds him so beautifully singing about the history of his love with his girlfriend and/or significant other and how he continually has to, “say sorry,” while also begging and pleading for her to, “forgive” him.

The Los Angeles native once again showing with her latest EP, how the passion and emotions that are so deeply invested in love.  Whether it being in love, falling out of love or even just trying to fall in love, can more times than not, like with a lot of music artists over the years, result in an artist giving us their best work or among their best work to date their careers.  Which Mila did with April 2018.