Snoop Dogg Drops Mother’s Day Dedication, Thank You For Having Me feat. B. Slade, Mali Music & Val Young

With it being Mother’s Day Weekend and Mother’s Day tomorrow, yesterday Snoop Dogg decided to drop his very smooth new groove, Thank You For Having Me featuring B. Slade, Mali Music and Val Young.  A new record dedicated to his mother that from the sounds of it was probably originally meant for his recent, Gospel album, Bible of Love, but just didn’t end up making the final cut.  Snoop even shot another D. Baker-directed video for the amazing new record too, which shows the LBC native gifting his Mom a new house and thanking her for birthing him and giving him all that she did to raise him.  Thanks to Momma Snoop, my Mom and all the mom’s out there who gave birth to all of us and for all the countless thankless things that they do and continue to do for us throughout our whole lives to raise and mold us into the great young men and women we all are.  An early Happy Mother’s Day to them all as well.