Janelle Monáe Evokes All Emotions In Truly Masterpiece Of Art, Emotion Picture, Dirty Computer

Janelle Monáe really dropped a true masterpiece of art with her just released Dirty Computer emotion picture that will have you in all of your emotions. Truly showing why she’s this generations Prince, except in female form, you can see how influential the late great icon, friend and mentor of Monáe was in the making of the mini-movie that would truly make him proud.

Truly following in the footsteps of Prince and what he did with Purple Rain, Janelle really delivered such a great piece of art with Dirty Computer, which is aesthetically pleasing and really captures the past, present and future in a way that only she could. Just like the late great, The Purple One, she also stars in the mini-movie. Playing Jane 57821, a young woman who discovers love and comes across danger in a totalitarian near-future society in which citizens are referred to as “computers,” while the government tries to control society by utilizing tactics that insight fear.

The emotion picture, which also stars Tessa Thompson as Zen and Jayson Aaron as Ché is a truly unapologetically brilliant classic piece of art that has you engaged in all your emotions from start to end with how honest and empowering it truly is. Within the first few minutes, as you see all the amazingly beautiful looks Janelle serves and continues to throughout, you can tell how truly classic of a masterpiece you are about to watch.

From the concept to the wardrobe, makeup, music and visuals themselves, a literal work of art that is so beautifully put together from the way it so perfectly and seamlessly flows together, shows what a truly great artist Janelle is and what an iconic figure she’s already becoming at such a young age with this very brilliant piece.

It truly shows what a not only musical, but creative genius she’s too and I have been saying since the very first time I heard her on Outkast’s Idlewild album nearly 11 years ago. From the Prince references to the messages of erasure of culture, the presence of power in the feminine, the presence of love in all of its forms, whether gay, straight, pansexual, different shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, it truly shows (just like her mentors Prince and Outkast) how ahead of her time she truly is too.

A truly stunningly breathtaking and captivating piece of work, which is so inspiring and captivating, I can now see why Janelle refered to it as an emotion picture rather than a mini-movie with how much it brilliantly captivates all of your emotions from the very beginning to end. This is definitely a truly honest and unapologetic masterpiece of art in times where it’s very much needed and has her finally really truly living her truest self, in not only her art, but in her physical being as well and will inspire so many others to live to being their own truest honest self as well.

I definitely can’t wait to dive into the album as well to see how it plays along with the greatness of the emotion picture. Both pieces of art I’m sure finally getting Ms. Monáe more of the major award accolades that have previously alluded her such as The Grammys. Which she’s been nominated for several times before, but never won.

You can really truly tell how much of an inspiringly creative masterpiece of art it truly is with how much people are still talking about it too and the great reception it has received that will be talked about for much of the rest of the year and beyond. Mark my words, not to compare her to the greats before her again, but with how ahead of its time it truly is, it will truly make a mark in the way that Prince did with Purple Rain and I wouldn’t be surprised to see future societies use this as a reference point to try to prevent some of those evil cleanses from actually happening. Let everybody live their freedoms and be themselves, even if it’s perceived to be “dirty.”