Ravyn Lenae Drops Aesthetically Brilliant & Colorful New Video, 4 Leaf Clover

One of the most talented artists from my hometown of Chicago and rising talents period right now, Ravyn Lenae has really been putting out some pretty incredibly amazing work lately.  Whether it be her latest EP, CRUSH, which she released back in February or any of its very amazing accompanying visuals, including the premiere of her latest new Andre Muir-directed video, for, 4 Leaf Clover, which was premiered just a few short hours ago.  It’s almost like she can do no wrong right now, as she delivers a very aesthically brilliant and colorful new visual with her newest video.  The color schemes and execution throughout the visual really so dope and brilliant that you have to just click play below to see how truly amazing they’re.  I was really hoping that The Night Song would be the next single and that she would do a video for that, but with how brilliant and amazing this new video for 4 Leaf Clover came out, I think it can hold me over till then.

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