Janelle Monáe Drops Soulfully Smooth & Confident New Single, I Like That

With the release of her highly-anticipated third solo album, Dirty Computer, at the end of the month on April 27th drawing ever so closer, experimental futuristic R&B artist and one of the most beautiful and talented artists of our generation, Janelle Monáe, is already back with her fourth single from the new album, not even a full week after dropping her empowering anthem, PYNK.  Early this Monday morning releasing the very soulfully smooth and confident, I Like That.  A very soulfully smooth and unapologetic new ballad celebrating individuality, sexuality and self-love.  The most mellow and laidback of her four singles so far that’s also the most traditional R&B of the four, it finds Monáe over a restrained trap beat, whirring synths and harmonizing gospel-infused background vocals, singing about the ways in how she didn’t quite fit in growing up, but how she now celebrates those idiosyncrasies that set her apart and wouldn’t change them on the introspective new record.  Sort of like how TLC used to celebrate in a lot of their music, you can tell with the beginning pre-chorus lyrics of, “A little crazy, little sexy, little cool.  Little rough around the edges but I keep it smooth,” how this record was probably partially TLC inspired.  Probably even partially Destiny’s Child-influenced, with how much a lot of the vocals sound like TLC, Beyoncé and even Kelly Rowland.