Quincey White Drops Somberly Dramatic New Video For, Graveyard or the Pen

Earlier today South Central emcee, Quincey White (formerly DUBB), dropped through a premiere with Noisey, his very somberly dramatic new video for, Graveyard or the Pen.

The latest single from his very critically-acclaimed latest EP, The 7, which he dropped in October of last year.  The piano ballad, is a grim detailing by White of what he sees as the only two ways out of a bad neighborhood.  The graveyard or the penitentiary.

White rapping in front of a violinists playing along to the song and imagining what life behind bars (or in the ground) would be like is found flashing back and forth between those two scenarios in the very suitably somberly dark and honest new visual, which you can watch below.