Get Ready To Dance & Have A Good Night, With John Legend’s New Single/Video, A Good Night feat BloodPop

Grammy Award-Winning G.O.O.D. Music singer/songwriter, John Legend surprised fans late last night with his feel-good, dance-centric new single, A Good Night featuring BloodPop, which is sure to be a Summer Anthem you will hear at many clubs and parties throughout the upcoming Spring and Summer months.  Seeing many have a feel-good time on the dance floor or out for what else, but of course, a good night.  He also didn’t waste no time releasing his very fun, just as feel-good and dance-heavy new video for the new record just about an hour or so ago through Vevo.  Which sees a woman enter a club and as she’s looking for a man and a good night, swipe through them like a real-life Tinder.  The leading man in the visual playfully doing the same and keeping the same woman, but swiping through different outfits for her to wear, before she does the same and they eventually get to wedding attire for a good night that eventually turns into a marriage with Legend playing a DJ before joining in on the fun on the dance floor for a dancing good night and time.  So watch the new visual below and get ready to have a good night.