Bridget Kelly Drops Very Intoxicating and Enticingly Vulnerable Sexy New Video, Sedated

Very talented and beautifully amazing singer/songwriter, Bridget Kelly has had her troubles like most women and just people in general finding love.  So for the new Isaac Yowman-directed video for Kelly’s very funky and sexy, as well as vulnerable sexy intoxicating newest single, Sedated, premiered earlier today through Billboard by way of Vevo, she explores the intoxicating struggles one such as herself has gone through so many times from ending up on the vulnerable wrong side of love.

The very funky production also allowing her to sing about the edge needed to not only avoid love after the fear of failing at it so many times, but the hope she and so many of us yearn for in love as well.

The very intoxicating, and vulnerably bold sexy, as well as enticingly restless nature of the new visual, really helping bring the record truly to life.  You can really feel the internal struggles of all sides someone experiences in attempts at this dilemma of love, as you watch this very powerfully and beautifully captured brought to life new video for the just as intoxicating and funky new single from Kelly.

Showing what a truly great artist the BK singer is from all aspects of the art, from actual songwriting, singing, performance and visuals.

Bridget had the following to say to Billboard about the very amazing new visual and record for Sedated, which you can watch below.

“Sedated is a metaphor for how intoxicating love can be when you have ended up on the wrong side so many times.  Women are so strong, yet experience many unique pressures.  ‘Sedated’ is a narrative that explores the want and desire for love juxtaposed with the fear of the challenges and hurt that can come with it.  The real that comes with it.”