U-God Gives Very Intimate Solo Performance At Beat Kitchen In Chicago, For Current Venom Tour

U-God may not be the most well-known or even liked member from seminal Hip-Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan.  But he’s still a pretty good performer, as he proved on Sunday night with his very intimate solo performance at Beat Kitchen here in Chicago of some of his classic solo tracks and new ones from his upcoming highly-anticipated new album, Venom and for his appropriately titled current, Venom Tour.

Zilla’s performance solo wise isn’t like a Wu-Tang performance, but it’s still pretty venomous and sharp as you will find.  Which he proved when he first took the stage and showed the great and effortless breath control, as he breezed through such classic solo tracks as Black Shampoo, Golden Arms, Zilla, Keynote Speaker and Wu-Tang.

Of course the performance wasn’t complete without newer tracks like Legacy, Epicenter, Bite Da Dust, Venom and Wu-Tang Clan classics like It’s Yourz, as well as the essential main U-God featured Wu track, Da Mystery of Cheesboxin’.  U-God switching up the beat from the original one on Da Mystery of Cheesboxin’ for his performance of the track.

Overall it was a pretty dope and very intimate performance that you were mostly satisfied with and made you want to cop his upcoming new album, Venom, but at the same time still left you craving a hunger for more.  Which U-God himself admitted he wished he had more time for.  A hard balance when you’re playing such small and more intimate venues, but at the same time don’t always really get enough time as you and the fans may really want.