Caye Drops Very Smooth & Vibrant, Feel-Good New Single, Easy feat. Wiz Khalifa

Boston-raised and now Los Angeles residing rapper, producer and singer/songwriter, Caye yesterday dropped his very smooth, vibrant and feel-good new single, Easy featuring Wiz Khalifa via a premiere through Complex.  The lead single off his upcoming debut album, Pink Tree Paradise, the track, which was co-written with DAWGUS, who also produced it, is about those sunny and vibrant, feel-good vibes you get when trying to pursue a woman, who has caught your eye.

Which is exactly what Caye and Wiz are trying to do as the wax smooth playa-like poetics to a woman, who has caught their eye.

Caye having the following to say to Complex in a statement through e-mail about the record, “It’s about that one person in your life who makes you feel like nothing else matters.  I was in love with a girl that understood me on a deeper level and made me feel and want things that I had never experienced.  Even though we’re not together anymore, every time I see her I’m reminded of what we once shared.  After my producer and I wrote, ‘Easy,’ we met up with Wiz in a studio in L.A. and played him the track.  When he told me he wanted to be on the second verse, it was truly a surreal experience because I grew up listening to Wiz and now he is featured on one of my own songs.”

You can listen to the very smooth new single below and look for his already mentioned above debut album to drop on June 1st.