Demi Lovato Declares Chicago Best Stop Of Her Current, Tell Me You Love Me Tour, Gives Inspiringly Moving Performance

“This is the best stop of the tour so far, but don’t tell the other cities. Just kidding there’s a thing called the Internet and everyone is going to be mad at me now,” declared Demi Lovato about a quarter of the way through her set.

Most of the sold-out crowd at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois for the Chicago stop of Demi’s current, Tell Me You Love Me Tour clapping and laughing along in agreement with the 25-year-old Pop sensation. As she put on by far one of the most versatile and greatly inspiringly moving performances me and so many others have ever seen.

Whether it was her several costume changes throughout or showing her many different sides throughout her nearly 90 minute or so plus set, Lovato showed she’s no one trick pony. As she declared at one point towards the middle to latter end of the show, she wanted to show off her sexy, confident, emotional, moving and vulnerable side off herself. Starting off with a very in armored performance of her belting out You Don’t Do It for Me Anymore, as she rose from a hole in the floor, before one of the many skits that played throughout the show came up on-screen. Which showed a psychiatrist of Demi Lovato in glasses asking a just-regular-plain-old Demi a serious/rhetorical question of, “Have you been obsessing much?”

Lovato then re-emerging a few seconds later sprawled out on an actual couch in thigh-high black boots, as she purred, “Yeah, I get a little obsessive,” as she started to sing over the oscillating synth and playful bass line of, Daddy Issues. The Pop-star flaunting her emotional baggage, as a few crotch-grabbing men dancers, pulled her up from the bed. She would then go into one of her many smash hit Summer-anthem type records, Cool for the Summer and Sexy Dirty Love following that.

In a night that seen Lovato go through costume changes in much the same way a professional boxer goes through blows in a 12-round fight, it was only right to see the singer donned in championship-styled pink robe, men by either side with championship belts, as she belted out the very confident lyrics to her inspiringly empowering self-confident anthem, Confident. As she walked confidentially back to the stage, singing it. It was one of many theatrics Demi pulled off throughout the night, but maybe none more interesting than when donned in all black she pulled off a neat almost, “Where is Waldo” type vibe during her performance of her song, Games. Which seen Demi keep vanishing throughout different parts of the arena during the song and “magically” reappear across other parts of the arena seconds later. Her female dancers dressed exactly like her, as they were all arrayed in different parts of the arena too, whether standing on stairways, posing in glass boxes where the her band performed in or on the wings of the stage. It was a pretty neat setup that kept everyone in the crowd on their tows trying to figure out where Demi was.

That wouldn’t be the only time the crowd had to figure out where Demi was too. As drapped in an all-white lingerie gown with an electric guitar in hand, laying by white sheets and a lush rotating white bed, she would reemerge on the other side of the arena on a second much smaller stage erected behind the soundboard. Asking if she could slow things down, before going into what was easily one of the best and more memorable parts of the show. As she went into a very memorable three-song set of Concentrate, Cry Baby and Lonely, which was mostly highlighted by her gently great guitar playing and singing on Concentrate. Lovato asking others if they knew what it felt like to be lonely, before showing off her very sensually sexy side, as she grinded and was erected by two men grinding along her, as she sang the sexy and sensually enticing lyrics of her Lil Wayne featured record, Lonely. Of course sans, Wayne.

As much as Lovato is remembered for her Pop hits, which were sprayed across her set like her acoustic cover of Cheat Codes, No Promises and Luis Fonsi’s, Échame la Culpa, the former one-time Disney TV star, was the first Pop star, before Beyoncé and so many others recent sudden honesty in their music, to really open up about her many enduring flaws. Whether addiction, her sobriety, bi-polar disorder, obesity and many other mental, as well as health issues she’s endured and overcome. Declaring, “I know what it’s like to cry. It sucks.” Lovato told everybody that no matter what they’re enduring, you can get through it. Saying how next week will be six years since she’s been sober. Something she still deals with till this day. It was a very heartfelt and emphatic moment.

This moving speech was also the perfect segue to Lovato’s three-song suit of ballads she performed while seated at a black piano that started with a very moving performance of Warrior, before going into Father. A record dedicated to her late father and her issues of her relationship with him before his passing in 2013. The singer even saying how the turbulent and emotional nature of the song made her declare, “This is a song I told myself, I would never sing live. But I decided to add to add it to my setlist for this tour because I feel it’s something so vulnerable and emotional I want to share with you all.” Which you could tell, as she was moved to tears and much of the crowd also moved to tears, as she performed the very moving and emotionally vulnerable lyrics to the record.

Bringing a guest choir onstage for her final encore, Lovato showed how inspiring and moving, as well as motivational her music is to so many, as she had all of the sold-out crowd singing and clapping along with a rousing fiery the very gospel-like lyrics of her self-empowerment anthem, Sorry Not Sorry. Of course the singer couldn’t close out her performance with the title track from her latest album, which the tour is also named after, Tell Me You Love Me, without leaving her fans, old and new with one final encouraging and empowering message. Which is, “Love yourself. Not that I’m someone who should be giving advice. But just know if nobody else loves you, I do and everybody, no matter who you are, is worthy of love.”

That inspiringly, raw and movingly emotional honesty about her insecurities that Lovato wears as visible as the lion tattoos on her forehands and shares so easily with her fans, as well as so many others why she’s able to pack arenas the way she does with such ease. Something she’s done in her music since the beginning and I’m sure wouldn’t be shying away from anytime soon. If you need not only fun, but a great and inspiring, as well as motivating time, than this is definitely a must not miss tour for those who can still see it.