Eric Bellinger Drops Very Soulfully Smooth New Record, Valentine, Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

R&B crooner, Eric Bellinger usually always has something new for the lovers on or around Valentine’s Day and this year is no different.  As yesterday, just a couple of days before the holiday, which is now a day away, the very talented singer/songwriter dropped his very soulfully smooth amazing new record, the appropriately titled, Valentine.  Eazy like Sunday morning, the amazing new record, as Bellinger said in a statement, wasn’t even intentioned as a record dedicated to the Hallmark holiday at first.  Having this to say in said statement, “When we first came up with this song, we had no intentions on putting it out for Valentine’s Day lol Me & my brother @theheir were just goin through beats & it was 1 of 19 Voice Notes that I recorded that day while listening to new waves.  I was originally thinking more so along the lines of an Everyday Valentine rather than the Holiday.  We never ended up doin anything with the song so when February came around it just felt right to give it to the people.  They need it!  Women need it! Men need it! The world needs it!  It’s crazy because I’ve been seeing & hearing a lot of releases this year and a lot of hearts have gone cold.  Such a negative vibe around this time… I’m just glad I been blessed with the ability to articulate Love in a way that ONLY I can!!!!  Figured I’d take it back to the basics with this one… Would you be my #Valentine.”

So whether you have a Valentine or not, you can still get in the loving mode and listen to the amazing new record below.