Elle Varner Celebrates 29th Birthday With Release Of Soulfully Jazzy New Single, Casanova

Elle Varner celebrates her 29th birthday by gifting fans with her soulfully jazzy new single, Casanova.  The first new music we have heard from the Grammy Award-winning, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in quite some time.  It doesn’t disappoint either.  As it finds Elle Veezy over the soulfully airy keys and sparkly chants of the Nascent & Epikh Pro co-production singing from the perspective of a female casanova.  A casanova by normal definition being a promiscuous male lover of many women.  The new record really shows off the singers amazingly lush vocals and great songwriting abilities that made most of us all such huge fans of hers from the jump of her career.  Hopefully this new release means that Elle’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated sophomore album, 4 Letter Word.  Which she has been working on as far back as 2013, finally gets a release this year too.  As she’s been very mum on the subject of the album over the past couple of years, yet still through it all maintained her great fanbase and still been able to do shows as well.  The new music is definitely very welcomed and anticipated enough that it will be bought and supported by fans whenever she does finally drop it.  In the meantime check the very amazing new record from Elle below and be sure to wish her a Happy B-Day as well.