Mila J Offers Her Most Soulfully Honest Work Yet, On, January 2018

Stripped down and her most soulfully honest work yet, Los Angeles singer/songwriter, dancer and sometimes rapper, Mila J shows how much she has truly grown in the last year, on her latest EP, January 2018.

Dropped of course at the beginning of January and the start of a new year, Mila shows that the change in calendar year, wouldn’t stop her grind.  As she’s coming off a 2017 in which she dropped a mixtape/EP and two official EP’s.

Making it only appropriate that she open the project with the appropriately titled, Happy New Year.  Where over the somber guitar mostly acoustic backdrop, Mila, after what she thought was a big year for herself, somberly reflects on a supposed lover she would ring the new year in with, but wasn’t.  That perfectly segues into easily the most standout hit potential type record of the EP, Coldest Shoulder in the West, where once again over the mostly somber acoustic backdrop, she very somberly bares her soul, as she reflects on her ex and how she no longer wants anything to do with him, even despite him still trying to get back with her and claiming she was the best he ever had, so he couldn’t let go of.  But she keeps giving him the “cold shoulder” and why she’s, the “Coldest Shoulder in the West.”

4 Pictures Away continues the mostly stripped-down and somberly acoustic guitar string riffs you hear throughout most of the EP. As Mila continues to give all her soul and somberly reflect on how through she’s with her ex and more pictures of the good times in their relationship to her being the last straw to truly cutting him off.  While Coldest Shoulder is easily the most standout hit type record, By a Show of Hands, is easily the most pure and honest record, that’s also the best overall record on the EP.  As Mila so purely and honestly somberly bares her soul over the mostly gently acoustic guitar strings about how hard it’s to get over the heartbreak of seeing her ex out in public with someone else.  You can almost hear the tears falling, as she somberly reflects, as she sings so purely and honestly about the somber very relatable lyrics, which most other women and men can relate to about heartbreak.  Celebrity or not, something so pure and honest, that shows, we are all human and besides maybe a bank account and/or fame, why we are all not that different from one another.

Closing out with the lone feature on Missed Call, with longtime friend and one time former labelmate, Marques Houston.  It continues the very melancholy and free-flowing theme of the EP, as Houston reflects about a girl he is missing.

This very timeless EP showing that like her younger sister, Jhené Aiko, Mila is at her best when she sings so honestly over very minimalist, mostly soulful acoustic stripped-down production.  Which really helps put a spotlight on the very unique and minimalist vocals and soulfully nostalgic vibes that flows so seamlessly together like a true classic record.  The heartbreak and ride of heartbreak Jamila goes throughout showing once again how heartbreak and the pain of a heartbreak almost always results in the best artwork of an artist.

Mila’s latest work showing that soulfully and nostalgic vibe, which can be played every month of the year and not just winter.  Though it’s still probably best for being played during winter when somebody is going through heartbreak or just needs time to chill and reflect.

It also shows that the L.A. native truly has down pat, the way to drop a truly timeless and classic EP.  A word that I know gets thrown a lot, but really is true, after dropping at least a couple over the past few years.  Now hopefully she uses that same energy when she finally does drop her official long overdue and highly–anticipated debut album.

The oldest Chilombo’s true pure talent, really being able to be put on true display for the whole world to finally, God willingly, all see then.