Kali Uchis Drops Colorfully Dreamy, Creative New Video, After The Storm feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins

A dream like atmosphere with a Bootsy Collins cereal box for a Bootsy cereal.  Upcoming R&B, Soul and Pop singer/songwriter, as well as fashion designer and music video director, Kali Uchis, is probably one of the only people besides the legendary Collins, who would think up that concept.  That she actually did too in her very dreamy, colorful and interestingly creative new Nadia Lee Cohan-directed video for her very soulfully funky latest single, After the Storm, which she premiered through Vevo earlier today.  A record which features Tyler, the Creator and the legendary Collins.

The very creative new visual opens with Uchis sitting at a table having breakfast with the Bootsy cereal box singing his part of the chorus, as she makes a grocery list, which she adds a lover as the last thing.

The singer picks up some special seeds at the grocery store for the backyard and when she plants them, all of a sudden a wild Tyler sprouts out, rapping his guest verse.

With a little water and care, Tyler becomes the man of her dreams.  The two even having two plant kids in the fantasy like 60’s suburban American wonderland backdrop, like they’re playing house in the colorfully stunning, fun and creative new visuals, which really match the woozy funkiness of the record and truly bring it to life.

Which you can really see when you watch below the whole fantasy like, colorfully stunning, fun and creativiness of the new video play out.