Bump J Drops Two Eerily Sinister New Videos, Free The Real & Live From Bedrock

After doing a nearly 10-year bid, Chicago rapper, Bump J, came back with a vengeance last year.  Dropping several videos, singles and loosies.  While the Chicago street legend here in our hometown looks to keep riding that momentum into the new year.  As he doubles up by giving us two new videos/tracks today to kickoff his 2018 musical output as we end near the end of January.  Both tracks are produced by Bump’s longtime collaborator, Nascent.  While both videos for the tracks are directed by Film God.

First up, Free The Real is a very straight to the streets eerily sinister track and visual.  While Live From Bedrock, my favorite of the two is also incredibly sinister and eerie, but more reflective and real to the point where you can truly feel the lyrics over the eerily reflective production and seeing Bump sit while performing part of the track really brings the truly reflective great vibes to life.  Hard to believe that he hasn’t even been out a full year and not even gave us a full project, yet still dropped so much heat for our ears to digest.  You can check both below and look for an even bigger 2018 from Bump J, which is surely set to heat these Chicago streets on fire.