Vic Mensa Releases Very Timely, Powerfully, Compelling New Video, We Could Be Free

Vic Mensa is one of the more socially and politically-active emcees or music artists period of the new generation.  So it should be to no surprise that today in honor of MLK Day, Vic releases the very compelling, powerful and thought-provoking, new video for one of the more powerful and socially moving dynamic records of his career thus far, We Could Be Free.  The closing track from Vic’s very amazing debut album, The Autobiography.  It comes on the heels of his recent thought-provoking op-ed in TIME Magazine about a recent visit to Palestine and what it taught him about racism in America.  While the stunning new visual he’s partnered with Apple Music to drop really brings to life the record, about oppression and how people peacefully try to fight police brutality.  Giving off powerful images of protests and police brutality to match the anti-violence and peaceful protest message of the song, the very intense and stunning visual opens with the image of a baby in a pregnant woman’s stomach, where the joy and peace you would think he so innocently experience, quickly turns bad, as the woman is quickly brutalized by a police officer at a rally.  The story unfolding to the child growing up and the experiences he himself then starts to experience, which are virtually the same.  You could watch the stirring and powerful, socially-charged new visual, which is currently only exclusive to Apple Music below or here.  It’s one that you definitely want to make a priority to watch today on one of the most important days of the year.