JAY-Z & Beyoncé Give Us Spiritually Enlightening, Star-Studded New Video, Family Feud

Just the other day, JAY-Z gave us the premiere through TIDAL of his very highly-anticipated newest video, Family Feud.  Joined by his world-famous wife, Beyoncé, who sings on the record.  The very cinematic mini-movie type visual, which was directed by world-remowned director, Ava DuVernay, imagines a future in which, the Hip-Hop royalties, daughter, Blue Ivy, is among the leaders of a near 400-year plus reign where several key woman are now among the leaders of the new world.

The very star-studded visual, which is more of a short film than an actual music video, features a who’s who of mostly powerful woman, from Rosario Dawson to Thandie Newton, Jessica Chastain and Rashida Jones among others.  With Michael B. Jordan and Omari Hardwick really among the only men, as it opens with a quote from James Baldwin: “The wretched of the earth do not decide to become extinct, they resolve, on the contrary, to multiply: life is their weapon against life, life all that they have.”

Also featuring a score by Flying Lotus, the visual, which was co-written by Shawn Carter (JAY) with DuVernay is a very spiritually enlightening one as well.  Starting from the future in the year 2444, where a vicious murder takes place inside of a bedroom and travels across generations, up until present time with the upcoming year of 2018.  Before it reaches that point, it hits 2050, where it sees the Constitution being revised by a group of woman, led by Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays an older Blue Ivy.

When it does reach current time, it follows the confessional and spiritual theme of the song, that’s very much present throughout JAY’s 4:44 album.  As joined by a very stunningly regal and elegantly gorgeous Queen Bey at the alter, and with Blue Ivy watching on after he walks her down the aisle, Hov is found given a confessional in church at an actual confessiona to his queen.  The enlightening spiritual tone giving the very stunning visual piece a natural enlightenment that shines into the sanctuary.  Really truly bringing the record to life, it’s arguably one of the best videos not only from this album of the 10 already released, but quite possibly of JAY’s whole career.

Which you can watch through TIDAL below.