Chicago To Help Celebrate 3rd Annual DJ Timbuck2 Forever Benefit Tribute Concert

This coming Tuesday Dec.19, 2017 at House of Blues Chicago, the city of Chicago and the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation will be holding its 3rd annual benefit show to not only honor the late great DJ Timbuck2, but several Chicago DJ’s as well.  After his untimely passing in 2015, people from not only here in his hometown of Chicago, but all over the country and across the globe poured in their condolences and to celebrate his life.  With the first annual benefit show held at the Metro Chicago, only weeks after his passing showing how much he was not only loved here in Chicago, but worldwide.

The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was founded to promote self-health awareness amongst men.  Timbuck2 was not only one of the greatest and most respected DJ’s to grace our hometown of Chicago, but Hip-Hop culture ever, period.  Though remembered mostly for how many lives he touched through his music. Whether through his unique technique on the turntables, through his many Hip-Hop influences or his gift for finding new Chicago talent on the local radio and being one of the biggest supporters of the big Chicago Hip-Hop movement, he definitely left his mark, which is still hugely felt today.  That almost underscores the fact of how Tim was also one of the most kind, warm-hearted, loving, caring and great humans you could ever meet too.  Which is why his untimely loss at such a young age was felt by so many and even is still till this very day.

So as the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation celebrates not only the life of Timbuck2, but the following great and impact full Chicago DJ’s as well; Mustafa Rocks, Boi Jeanius, DJ Elz, DJ Oreo, Jay Illa, DJ Word and Mike P.  We would like to invite you this Tuesday Dec. 19th to the 3rd annual benefit show, remembering the great legacy of Timbuck2 and his contributions to not only Chicago Hip-Hop, but all of Hip-Hop culture.