Kehlani Already Won On Triumphant, Bouncy New Single, Already Won

Very talented singer/songwriter, Kehlani, who is nominated for her first ever American Music Award this Sunday, has already won, as she boosts on her smooth and bouncy new single, Already Won.  A record that finds the singer over the bouncy and triumphant production singing about keeping it hood, while boosting about the accomplishments she has already accomplished in her short career.  Even throwing in a somewhat boisterous rap with a little cockiness in it towards the middle to later part where she takes on award shows, doubters and critics.  Kehlani showing how great her pen game is, this is the latest loose single she’s thrown out in the past few weeks.  Which leads us to believe she maybe moving on from promoting her debut album, SweetSexySavage, which she’s been promoting through visuals and tour since the beginning of the year to soon making a formal announcement about her sophomore album.