Syleena Johnson Gives All Her Soul In Very Passionate, New Rendition, Of, Make Me Yours

Exactly a month from releasing her new album, Rebirth of Soul, via Shanachie Entertainment, on Nov. 10th, legendary R&B/Soul singer/songwriter, Syleena Johnson gave us the first taste of the new album earlier today.

As she released her very passionately soulful and classic rendition of Bettye Swann’s, Make Me Yours.  Which sounds just as great as the original and Syleena really did justice with her very own just as classic and sure to be timeless rendition.

This is just the first of many of the classic renditions of classics too.  As the new album is a collaborative new effort between Syleena and her legendary soul singing father, Syl Johnson.  With the two teaming up with musicians from their own hometown of Chicago to have Syleena give her very own soaring interpretations of mainly classic R&B songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

Which range from well-known classics like Aretha Franklin’s, Chain of Fools and Etta James, I’d Rather Go Blind to the lesser known, classic gems, just like, Make Me Yours.  All hand-picked by her father Syl.

Syleena said how great the creative process with her father with her dad was too.  Having the following to say in a statement, “The process of creating music with my father is not a difficult one.  It’s actually the only space we get along perfectly.  Music is our strongest tie, and no matter what, he has always respected that particular bond inside of studio walls.  He is very creative as an artist and he loves music with his true heart.”

You can really see and sort of tell that in the sound of this remake of, Make Me Yours, and what I’m sure is the first of many classic records, on what I no doubt feel, will be yet another classic album from Syleena.