Toni Braxton Delivers, Classy, Yet Still Sexy & Seductive New Visual, Deadwood

Toni Braxton is back and is as sexy, and better as ever in the very sleek and classy, yet still seductive and sexy new video for Deadwood.  The lead single from her upcoming highly-anticipated new comeback album, Sex & Cigarettes, which will be released at the top of next year.

The new visual, which is mostly in black-and-white and was first premiered yesterday through Vevo, finds Toni in all black singing the seductively amazing record behind a vintage microphone.  A cellist by her side, the new video also goes in between performance scenes with dazzling effects that include broken glass, lightning bolts, cigar smoke and a hunky male co-star, which Braxton herself previously gushed about.

There’s even some scenes of Toni in between performing that go back in color and find her in a very elegant classy, yet sexy white gown with sparkly diamonds raining down her side.  The whole video really highlights the James Bond-ish type sound of the record, as well as Toni’s always distinctively sensually soothing vocals in that sultry signature patent tone of hers and really truly brings the record to life with its classy, yet still sensually seductive sultry feel and how it builds things up, like an actual theme song from a James Bond-ish type movie.

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