Sabrina Claudio Shows She’s Confidently One Of Brightest Upcoming R&B Stars, With Confidently Lost EP

Upcoming R&B singer and fast rising star, Sabrina Claudio is a talent that draws you in from the very first listen and that’s exactly what she did with me on her very catchy and sensually soothing, Too Much Too Late off her debut EP, Confidently Lost.  While Tell Me takes you to another transcendent space with how sultry and soothingly beautiful it’s and how the melody just draws you in and makes you feel like you’re being made love to, with how soothing her voice is to your ears while listening to it.  With how beautifully soothing and calming her voice is you could really tell how much she pours her soul and talent into her music.  Especially on records like, Runnin’ Thru Lovers and I Don’t, where you can truly feel her amazing voice and how it truly deeply resonates with so many others.  Sabrina is definitely one of the brightest new voices of this generation that we will be hearing a lot more from and I’m confidently glad I’m no longer lost on.  This EP really truly showing her ear for such great super smooth and soulful heartfelt R&B and that you could easily play the whole way through without skipping a song.  That’s how truly talented and great of a beautiful soul and voice she is and I definitely can’t wait to hear more from.