Melanie Fiona Makes Powerful Return, With Comeback, Powerfully Passionate, New Single, Remember U

It’s been awhile since we heard new music from very beautifully talented and amazing singer/songwriter, Melanie Fiona.  Dropping her last album, The MF Life, in 2014.  She’s largely been quite, with the exception of a few video releases from that project since than.

Also due in large part to having a baby and becoming a mother since than, Melanie is now back with her powerfully passionate comeback single, Remember U.  Another very strong and powerful ballad over the powerful backdrop of drums, a trumpet and guitar on the production, that finds the singer, as you would expect from the title, singing very passionately and pouring her heart out, yet again about remembering heartbreak and the different ways people handle or remember an ex.

Something you wouldn’t think, Melanie, would be singing about anymore, supposedly being in a happy relationship.  But when you have as powerful and passionate a voice, as hers, I guess, showing it off with that signature sound, fans have come to know, you gotta stick with most of that same formula.   Which I ain’t mad at, but just surprised to see and hear.  Cause its a very great song regardless and with how passionately and powerfully Melanie pours her heart out, as well as shows off her, just as amazingly very passionate and powerful voice on here, it has actually gotta be one of her best records to date.