Jhené Aiko, Takes Us On Emotional, Trip, In Very Touching New Short Film, Trip

ARTium Records/Def Jam Recordings singer/songwriter, Jhené Aiko, as Penny takes fans on a very emotionally and touching ride in her new short film for, Trip.  A semi-autobiographical film on, “love, life and self-discovery,” as well as loosely based on the beautiful and talented singers own life.  It was directed by Tracy Oliver, who also co-wrote the film along with Jhené.  There’s original poetry from the singer throughout and even some of which is expected to possibly be on Ms. Aiko’s highly-anticipated new solo album of the same name.  With everything most of the world is going through with all these hurricanes and natural disasters, this is the perfect piece of very moving art that we need right now too.  So for that, I and I’m sure, many others thank you for such a moving and inspiring piece of art, Jhené.  That said, if you haven’t yet, what are you waitong for, please go and watch this amazing piece of art that shows how much we truly need the arts and artists, even more now than ever, in times like these.