Legendary Singer Toni Braxton Announces New Deal With Historic Def Jam Recordings, Releases New Single, Deadwood

Legendary R&B/Soul singer and icon, Toni Braxton recently announced her long-awaited and highly-anticipated new album, Sex and Cigarettes, which is set to be released early next year and even teased the first single, Deadwood.

While earlier today, Braxton not only released the highly-anticipated new comeback single, but also announced she has signed with the just as legendary and historic, Def Jam Recordings.  The new single being her first release with her new label.

The very smooth piano-driven Fred Ball-produced midtempo groove, finding Braxton showing off her always distinctively sensually soothing vocals in that signature patent sultry tone of hers.

I really love the way the record with its gentle and tender tone, really builds up to powerful vocals from Braxton towards the end too, that has that true old school R&B sound that really hits your soul and tells a story.  In this case how Toni is a scorened gunslinger against her ex-lover and fights back after being treated like an intimate object from her ex, while making a bold comeback.  Which is very appropriate since the iconic singer is really making her own highly-anticipated comeback.

The way it builds up towards the end and just the whole record, making it even sound like it could be in a James Bond movie or the main theme song to a soundtrack from a movie.  With how truly great the song is and captures all the emotions of heartbreak, to being scorned and rejuvenation from Braxton, it’s a real experience you have to hear to truly understand and has me really looking forward to what the video will look like that much more.