Talib Kweli Drops Powerful New Record, She’s My Hero

Talib Kweli has always been not only one of the best lyricists and emcee’s in all of Hip-Hop today, but an emcee, who has always used his voice to bring further awareness to his fans and others about government or other social issues going on in the world.

So it should be no surprise that earlier today, Kweli used his voice on wax, yet again for the very soulful and powerful new, Oh No-produced record, She’s My Hero.  A record were the BK emcee is bringing awareness to the controversial case of 14-year-old Ohio native, Bresha Meadows, who is accused of killing her abusive father and currently in jail for it.

Kweli uses his platform to not only bring awareness to Bresha’s case, but for all children living in abusive households.  Using his perspective as a father and his own daughter to really help relate to the case, after he did further research, he decided to record the powerful new song, which you can hear below.

No word on if this will be on Kweli’s new album, Radio Silence, which will be dropping soon.