One Of The Best Performances Of His Life and A Dream Come True, Big Sean Delivers Lollapalooza’s Most Inspiring Performance Of All

Big Sean, looks back, ready to bounce back, after performing one of Lollapalooza's most inspiring sets ever at the Bud Light stage on Sunday Aug. 6, 2017. Photo courtesy of Scott Witt

Big Sean, looks back, ready to bounce back, after performing one of Lollapalooza’s most inspiring sets ever at the Bud Light stage on Sunday Aug. 6, 2017. Photo courtesy of Scott Witt

G.O.O.D. Music was definitely represented on the fourth and final day of Lollapalooza when Big Sean gave by far not only the best performance on Sunday, but possibly even of the whole festival in Chicago’s Grant Park.  Playing the Bud Light stage, Sean came out to one of his more recent hit singles, Moves, before moving into Paradise.

Then going into covers of his verses on G.O.O.D. Music collabos, Mercy and Clique.  Sean would give a shout out to Ye, 2 Chainz, Pusha T and the rest of G.O.O.D. Music.  Before telling the crowd to shout out Music, everytime, after he said GOOD and Don, everytime, after he said Sean.  Thanking fans for rocking with him so long and him being from Detroit, it being like a dream come true to play Lolla, Sean then asked fans, if he could talk it back to his first album.  To which they gave an emphatic, “Yes!”

The Detroit emcee would then go into My Last and Play No Games.  Going through many of his more popular older and newer material throughout the rest of the set, such as No Favors, Beware, Halfway Off The Balcony, Moves and Dance (A$$).  Sean would also go into covers of his verses on the G.O.O.D. Music Remix to Chief Keef’s, I Don’t Like, MadeinTYO’s remix of Skateboard P and Drake’s, All Me.

Even doing something he said he rarely does, Big Sean decided to premiere a fire new Metro Boomin’ produced track featuring Travis Scott.  Becoming the second rapper to premiere a new track at Lollapalooza on the Bud Light stage, over the four-day festival, Sean only ended up playing a snippet, rather than the full thing.

If you think Sean Don, couldn’t top that moment either during the performance, then you were wrong.  As Sean gave a speech, in which he thanked the fans, before going into, Blessings.  Talking breaks every so often during the set, Sean would also ask anybody, “Who here needs a vacation?”, towards the latter end of his set.  To which most in the crowd, obviously answered, “Yes!”  The perfect segue for Sean to go into, Vacation.

By far one of the best highlights from the set though, was when Sean gave a very amazing performance of One Man Can Change The World, before stopping the track midway through and with the piano chords still going, gave a very empowering speech about success and what it means to be a dreamer.  Asking the crowd if, any of them are dreamers and making a plea for them to take risks and chase those dreams and not let anything in this crazy uncertain world discourage them from doing so.

“True success is dreaming something and seeing it manifest in the palm of your hand.  It’s being on the pursuit of happiness and then coming true.  Sometimes you gotta take risks, whether it’s moving to another city or losing friends in your circle, who don’t encourage you.  Life is about taking risks, so you can get back up when you fall down or learn from them to make you a stronger version of yourself.  Life isn’t easy and it wasn’t meant to be.  Even with Donald Trump, as our president we’re still here.  Everybody has a different rate of success, everybody has a different purpose, don’t let nobody steal your dreams.  I wouldn’t be telling you this shit if I didn’t care about you.  So if you truly feel that you deserve to have what you want in life, you deserve to do what the fvck you want with your life, when this beat comes back in, I need to see you guys clap it up” Sean emphatically told the crowd.  As claps came together in unison and I think even some tears started to fall for one of the most inspiring crowd participation and some of the biggest audience participation of the whole fest.

     Sean would then close out his very amazing performance of One Man, before closing out with his hit singles, I Don’t Fvck with You and Bounce Back.  The Detroit emcee, at one point in the performance towards the end even said, how this, “Was his best performance.  To see this dream to play such a packed crowd at Lollapalooza, was a dream come true for him.”  Especially being so close and how much he used to travel back and forth to Chicago from Detroit.  It was not only indeed for Sean Don, but for many others and easily the most inspiring, not only of Lollapalooza, but possibly that I’ve ever seen of any live performance I’ve ever been to.  I’m sure many others beside myself left, feeling even more inspired to pursue their dreams and aspirations to success than they ever were before.  So for that, me and so many others, say, “Thank you as well, Sean.”