Singer/Songwriter, MILCK, Singer of Powerful New Generational Anthem, Quiet, Announces New Headling Chicago Show On Sept. 11th at Schubas

Earlier today, recently newly signed Atlantic Records, singer, songwriter and activist, MILCK, announced a new headlining Chicago show at Scubas on Monday, Sept. 11th.

Singer and one of the songwriters of the powerful and moving new generational anthem, Quiet, MILCK, recently penned a heartfelt, handwritten letter to her fans via her social media platforms about her new partnership with Atlantic.  A record so powerful that she’s been able to go on to perform it at several events for organizations ranging from Planned Parenthood to ACLU, since January.  Even kicking off the 8th annual Women In The World Summit in NYC in April with a very soulfully great performance of the record.

The biggest result of MILCK’s new anthem being when she was a part of the historic Women’s March in Washington, D.C. in January.  Where her and 25 female singers of various backgrounds teamed together on the streets to deliver seven “flash mob” a capella performances of, Quiet.  With a fan video that went viral, racking up over 15 million plays in just two days.

After years of independence and tireless work in her hometown of Los Angeles, thanks in large part to this powerful new anthem and how big it has become, MILCK, has made quiet the difference and you can see it up close and personal, if you are here in the Chicago area in September.  More details on how you can go to the headlining show here.