Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Drop New Track, Panties in a Jumble, Get Ready To Serve Anchovies, On New Album

Anchovies-Album-ArtworkEarlier today Apollo Brown & Planet Asia premiered exclusively through XXL their latest new track, Panties in a Jumble.  The latest single from the upcoming collaboration album between the Detroit producer and Fresno, California emcee, Anchovies.

Which finds Planet and Brown giving some clever and gutteral rhymes over the soulful production of Brown, which has a nice female vocalist sample too.  The nasty gutteral rhymes matching the nasty and dirty distinctness of anchovies on a lot of the records and why they named the album, Anchovies.

Set to be released exactly a month from today on Aug. 25th via Mello Music Group, you can listen to the dope new track below.


Below is the full tracklist for the upcoming album.

1. “The Smell”
2. “Panties In A Jumble”
3. “Diamonds”
4. “The Aura”
5. “Dalai Lama Slang” Feat. Willie The Kid
6. “Tiger Bone”
7. “Duffles”
8. “Avant Garde”
9. “Deep In The Casket”
10. “Fire” Feat. Tristate
11. “Speak Volumes”
12. “Pain”
13. “Get Back”
14. “Nine Steaming” Feat. Guilty Simpson
15.) “You Love Me”