Prophets of Rage Tackle L.A.’s Problem of Poverty, Homelessness In New Video, Living On The 110

Rock group, Prophets of Rage, is ready to make America Rage Again and tackle real issues going on in the world.  This holds true yet again for their new video, which tackles head on Los Angeles’ problem with poverty and homelessness throughout the city.  More specifically though on the 110 freeway and thus why the record is called, Living On The 110.

Though the new visual features clips of people living homeless on L.A.’s famous 110 freeway in either homeless or impoverished conditions and focuses a lot on their problems with those conditions, the record is also to shine a light to try and help better the bad living conditions of the homeless and impoverished all over the world.  Which is still till this day, one of earth’s biggest not only flaws, but problems going on that needs to be somehow bettered and why it’s great to still see some popular music acts like Rage, tackle the fvcked up problems going on in the world today.

A very great message that needs to be heard and why I love the fact that before it was put on Vevo, Prophets of Rage, first premiered the video yesterday on the walls of some of the most improvised and wealthiest areas of L.A. and New York City.  You can now watch the very dope and powerful new video below.


You can look for this and plenty more great records from Prophets of Rage, on their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album, which is set for release on Sept. 15th.  You can also catch them live on their current tour when it hits your city and be ready to rage again.

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