Nello Rubio Interview With L.T. Hutton

I recently got a chance to briefly chop it up with one of the producers of the new 2Pac biopic, All Eyez on Me, L.T. Hutton, just the other day, Thursday June 15th on the red carpet at the Chicago All Eyez On Me movie premiere screening at the Showplace Icon. Me and the Chicago bred native touched on a few subjects such as the long process to finally getting the film done and out, how not only his time with Tupac at Death Row Records helped in the process of making the film, but second generation Death Row artists like Eastwood’s and even The Outlawz involvement helped along the way and even what it meant to come back to his hometown of Chicago to present such a big and historic movie for the culture.

Nello for to L.T. Hutton: I’m Nello Rubio with Obviously it was a long process trying to get the movie done. How do you think it helped with trying to get the movie done?

L.T. Hutton: In any movie it is a long process. You know it isn’t just about this movie, but with all movies. Whatever subject matter you dealing with, you want that authenticity. This is such a special project and he means so much to so many people. So it’s like you really, really have to paint it all the way correctly. You see what I’m saying. Even with financing in Hollywood sometimes. Hollywood don’t want to finance these type of pictures. That’s why they playing the type of games they playing right now, to try to make sure, so we don’t do what we going to do this weekend. “You know what I’m sayin’.” It was just that. A lot of really different battles.

Nello: You obviously worked with him when he was with Death Row. How did that help you with putting the film together and even like a lot of older Death Row artists like some people might even recognize, like Eastwood you had involved. How did that help?

L.T. Hutton: What it was some of the older artists. Eastwood was a little bit later after Death Row, but Eastwood had that L.A. swang and that L.A. style. So it was like E.D.I. Mean and like different people from The Outlawz and all of that. So they were authentic in helping keep different things in my memory and even have their accounts. But like I was saying, “The whole system is just all about 2Pac’s point of view and only his point of view.” So that’s what really kept us all the way together.

Nello: You are originally here from Chicago. How does it feel to come back home and present such a big movie like this?

L.T. Hutton: Oh, man. It’s great. It’s a great feeling. You know what I’m sayin’. I’m just proud, man, to be able to be the one to bring this and to bring it back home here for Chicago.

Nello: Do you have any other movies coming?

L.T. Hutton: Yeah, I gotta bunch of them coming that we can talk more about later.

Nello: Alright, thanks. I really appreciate your time and really look forward to the movie, as well as your other upcoming projects.