God Forbid Joell Ortiz Puts Away Wack Rappers, On New Release, God Forbid

Earlier this month Brooklyn emcee and Slaughterhouse rep, Joell Ortiz finally gave us some new solo music for the first time in nearly eight to nine months and first time this year with the !llmind-produced, Rap Millionaire.

While the BK and Yawoa rep didn’t take to long in giving us his second release with The Heatmakerz-produced, God Forbid.

A track that has a very nice soulful sample flip and that classic, thumping nice soulful backdrop we have come to expect over the years from Heatmakerz productions.  Most notably in the early years of The Diplomats in the early 2000s.  When they were one of Dipset’s in-house, go to producers.

This one having Joell spitting straight bars and this standout quotable about New York and real emceeing never leaving, despite what others have been saying about mumble rap taking over and New York.  “Real rap, I’m hearing New York’s back.  Like we left, like I ain’t always have New York’s back.  Just for years bars wasn’t something, New York backed.  Now we trying to recoupe like they bringing two doors back (nah).”

Listen below and see if you could catch anymore of the many quotable sick bars from Mr. Yaowa.