New Artist Spotlight – K Noble with Pursuit of Success feat. Add-2

After a longer than expected hiatus, which lasted almost half a year from our last one, me and the rest of the team over here at TheHipHopDemocrat have decided to bring back yet again our New Artist Spotlight.  This time highlighting upcoming Chicago emcee K Noble, who just dropped his very inspiring and motivational new single, Pursuit of Success.

The soulful Sen Beatz-produced track, which kicks off with the familiar sample of the soulful classic, Will You Be Mine by Anita Baker, finds Noble joined by fellow Chicago emcee, Add-2 rapping a motivational message about their upcomings here in Chicago to where they are now.

Reminiscent of that classic soulful 90s Hip-Hop that had emcees tag teaming back and forth with motivational rhymes to lift up those in the hood with a positive message.  The record with its upbeat flow, puts the listener in the mentality to get out and pursue success in whatever it’s they do.  Whether it be music, sports, being a doctor, a lawyer or whatever else the case maybe.

Get motivated to get out and do something positive by listening to the motivational new record below.  Then look for more inspiring new records from what’s sure to be a promising career for the upcoming Chicago emcee, I’m sure not only us here in Chicago, but those beyond will hear of in the near future as well.