With Help From Chicago Bulls, Chance the Rapper Raises $1 Million More for CPS and Announces New, Chance Arts & Literature Fund

Photo courtesy of Tito Garcia

Photo courtesy of Tito Garcia

While everybody else continues to focus on all the negative press going on here in Chicago, hometown hero, Chance the Rapper continues to do good.  As earlier today Chance continued his efforts to help Chicago Public Schools by holding yet another press conference at a CPS school.  Less than a month after holding his first presser at Oliver S. Westcott Elementary announcing his first $1 million donation to CPS, the Grammy Award-winner, held his latest press conference from Robeson High School in Englewood.

His latest presser to help his ongoing efforts to #SupportCPS found Chance talking about a $1 million check that his hometown Chicago Bulls made to match Chance’s initial million dollar donation, as well as his new Chance Arts & Literature Fund that’s he’s starting as highlights.

For his new fund, which will help students starting this Fall and work in conjunction with the CPS Foundation, the hometown hero plans to bring programming and fiscal support to the struggling school system.  While he wants to make sure the schools in most need will get proper funding for the arts, which is typically the first subject to get axed due to budget cuts, Chance also said during a Q&A portion of the press conference that he also doesn’t want the money to be used just sole for music and the arts, but also “supplies and equipment for arts and…reading, science, to attack all sides…Music is a big deal, but don’t marginalize me. It’s not just about arts and stuff.”

Chance said to date he has raised over $2.2 million dollars for CPS, thanks in parts to the Bulls recent contribution and also $10,000 in donations that will go to 12 more schools.  Which are thanks to donations from the likes of comedian Hannibal Buress, Scotter Braun and Sky Zone.

Chance also made it very clear he has not talked to Governor Rauner since their meeting a month ago, which initially made him more inclined to make the donations and start doing more for CPS.