The Boy Illinois Shows Why He’s One of Chicago’s Finest with New, I’m Home (Koto Freestyle)

Chicago emcee The Boy Illinois, now simply known as Illi has been on a roll lately with his freestyles & new tracks it seems he has been dropping almost every other week or even sometimes as soon as just weekly.

Today is no different with the new experimentally outer space-sounding, Shake & Bake-produced, I’m Home (Koto Freestyle).  A track which finds Illi making quite the statement of why he’s one of the best up and coming emcees out of Chicago, and declaring himself as Chakra Zula why he’s firmly planted at home with the other great emcees out of the city as one of the best here in the CHI, but also gunning for the crown as the cities undisputed best, while others fail to keep that momentum and have “gone missing from the scene.”

You can listen above to hear Illi prove so and listen here to his recent WGN Radio interview that shows why he so rightfully so, has been gaining a lot of major media coverage here in the city and becoming one of the more mainstay bigger names in not only Chicago Hip-Hop, but music here in the city period.  Even recently finding out he will be playing the Taste of Chicago in the summer.