New KXNG CROOKED – Cut You Loose Freestyle

Westcoast emcee KXNG CROOKED has been on a tear with freestyles so far here in 2017 and after a rare couple of weeks off, he’s back at it again.  As Friday the C.O.B. and Long Beach rep got a little nostalgic and brought back the standout very soulful, Cut You Loose, from his group Slaughterhouse’s self-titled 2009 debut album.

Starting the track off by announcing he’s already working on a sequel to his critically-acclaimed and only a few months ago released, Good Vs. Evil album.  Then proceeding to give an almost 4 minute lyrical exercise that once again shows why he’s arguably the illest lyricist and emcee out right now.

When you listen above you can hear such quotables as, “I blended Malcolm and Martins names together for my motivation.  That’s King with a “X” homie, no relation.  I’m cuttin’ n^*#as loose like the officers do when they find hog tied n^*#as after home invasions” and “I’m reading more, just to polish my jewels.  Sharpen my views.  That’s positive news.  I’m rapping more, maybe all of my muse.  Maybe all in the pews, when I speak the real gospel it moves the audience.  More than all of them dudes.  I pay my entire wallet in dues.  No violate fuels.  I dialeuma you fools” proving so.

There’s so many quotables throughout, but one of my favorite that’s really true is when CROOKED spits, “If they don’t tell you I’m the best, then it’s fake news!”

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