New Lorine Chia – Black Girl Magic feat. Billie Mitchell

As Black History Month comes to an end, very talented R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Lorine Chia premieres through AfroPunk her very unapologetically amazing new single, Black Girl Magic.

The powerfully penned unapologetic new anthem to celebrate her African heritage and the uniqueness of the powerful magical identity of all Black women across the world.

A record that is a modern rallying cry for Black women all over with its slow, bass heavy trapped-out drums of the Givtyd production that has an assist from newcomer Billie Mitchell and really let’s Lorine show off her lingering spacey vocals.  Thus producing the perfect jam to effectively round off such an important month for Black women.

Lorine had the following to say in a statement about the record, “To honor this last day of Black History Month, I’m premiering my new single “Black Girl Magic” as a special tribute to black women everywhere.  Throughout history, we have been under-appreciated and taken countless beatings, due to our gender and the color of our skin, and yet we still persevere and accomplish great things.  Although the world doesn’t always give us the acknowledge we deserve, “Black Girl Magic” is meant as a celebration of our unique identity.  To you, my fellow black girls: We need to appreciate ourselves and each other.  Let’s reclaim our narrative.  Keep going, push through, and show everyone how immaculate you are.  Take pride in your heritage.  You are powerful.  You are valuable.  You are special.  No one can stop you, and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re wrong for being so magical.”

Listen below and get some of that Black Girl Magic.