New The Boy Illinois – On The Road (T-Shirt I-Mix)

Chicago emcee The Boy Illinois shows why he’s one of the best upcoming emcees out of the city with his new On The Road (T-Shirt I-Mix).  Giving us his very own dope remix/freestyle over Migos T-Shirt, where Illi puts his own very dope spin on the record.  Using real clever metaphors, Illi paints the perfect picture of being on the road to fame as one of the cities brightest go-to, it emcees and how he ran the streets playing basketball and doing other things, while not really being in the streets.  Which is why it’s only appreciate that Illi also pays homage to not only his late grandfather, but one the impending release of one of his biggest influences as an emcee, Bump J on here too.  Listen below as the rising Chicago emcee shows how you’re supposed to truly freestyle and/or remix a record like this, as well as why he’s becoming one of the best go-to, it emcees of the city with a really bright future.

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