New Video Elijah Blake – Forget You/Voice In My Head

Singer/Songwriter Elijah Blake has been a real breath of fresh air in R&B/Soul, ever since the release of his incredibly groundbreaking debut EP, Bijoux 22, just a couple short years ago.  With his latest release, a breathtakingly captivating new Sean Alexander-directed double video for his hypnotically soulful Forget You and thumping Voice In My Head records.  Both taken from Blake’s just a few months ago recently released Blueberry Vapors EP, the singer shows that despite what others may seem to think, there is still some never before used ways that videos and/or visuals have not been released.  So in an e-mail to The FADER (were the visual was first premiered earlier today) Blake said, “One day my director Sean Alexander and I were sitting back thinking how crazy would it be to just hop on a plane with no crew, no plan, no restrictions, and be forced to pull from whatever culture we stumble upon.  Three days later, we were headed to Japan with just his camera.  Neither one of us spoke a lick of Japanese, but we came up with this piece with the help of some friends we made along the way.”  Thus they came up with the concept of breaking down the visual, which plays like a mini-movie, into three different parts.  As Blake journeys to three different aesthetically striking settings of Japan.  Each more enthralling than the last one, as Blake’s eye contact with the camera throughout the clip, which you can watch below, really help capture his soulfully soft intensity of emotions.  The way that Blake and Alexander capture and transition each section of the visuals too, really truly does play it like a mini-movie, that you can’t keep your eyes off or else you will miss the next best part of the truly great piece of art they really put together, which shows how truly great artists they both are in every sense of the word.