New Earl St. Clair – Good Time

Circa 13/Def Jam’s Earl St. Clair is out to have a good time on his very lively new single, Good Time.  First introduced to us earlier this summer through his collaboration, Perfect with his Def Jam labelmate and fellow singer/songwriter, Bibi Bourelly, the release of his latest record couldn’t have come at a better time too.  As it’s about getting everybody back on the dance floor to have a good time for the weekend.  The singer looking to bring funk back with a vengeance, as he sings with his husky vocals (that hearkens back to the soul greats of yesteryear with a modern twist), “I work hard all week.  I put in 50 hours with no sleep.  So when Friday comes, I might just go out.  Just go out.  Put on my Sunday best and show out.  And show out.  I just want to have a good time.  I just want have a good time.”  The song, which you can listen to below, has a very infectious feel and hook, that will have you at the very least tapping your feet and remembering the lyrics days later too.