New Run the Jewels – 2100 feat. Boots

Run the Jewels recently announced they were going on tour, so you knew it was just a matter of time before they released new music.  Whether it was new music from their highly anticipated new album, RTJ3 or just new music, you knew it was likely coming and why I’m sure most fans were feinding for new music from the group.  While today is a lucky day for those fans, as the duo of Killer Mike and El-P have released their latest track, 2100 featuring Boots.  A track that, though it was recorded a few months ago, the duo said they released early in response to the unsettling outcome of the presidential election.  Having this to say about its release, “For our friends. For our family. For everyone who is hurting or scared right now. Here is a song we wrote months ago. We weren’t planning on releasing it yet but… well it feels right, now. It’s about fear and it’s about love and it’s about wanting more for all of us.”  A therapeutic new track, that’s much needed right now and finds Mike and El Producto, over the chants, mpc and guitars of the Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby co-production, spitting rhymes about the current state of affairs and how we’re going to survive here in a Trump-led country.  With Mike setting the tone of the track by spitting, “How long before the hate that we hold.. Leads us to another Holocaust? Sowing so deep in it that we can’t end it.. Stop, hold, ever call it off. It’s to clear, nuclears too near.. And the holders of the molotov.. Say that, “revolution’s right here, right now.” And they ain’t callin’ off.”  With RTJ3, likely on the horizon, you can in the meantime listen below, to the little bit more laidback and chill track from Jamie and Mike, than the more window shattering bangers we are sure to hear from the group on the album.  No word on if this track will actually be on RTJ3 too.