Tinashe Takes Fans On Nightride In New Short Film

Fans of very talented singer/songwriter Tinashe have been waiting on her highly anticipated and long awaited sophomore album, Joyride, for quite some time, which has suffered quite a few delays.  While they will have to wait a little longer, as the album had yet another delay recently and will most likely now be released next year.  The Los Angeles native surprised her fans though with the release last night of her surprise project, Nightride, to hold fans over till then.  To coincede with its release the L.A. native also released a short film of the same name as well.  A six minute short Stephen Garnett-directed clip, which is a mind bending one that finds the RCA Records signee going through different parts of this new era of her music with some clips of her enjoying herself at times, as well as suffocating in plastic to show the suffering that she has to go through in some of her music that she doesn’t want to and a bunch of other emotions are symbolized, as well as evoked in it that you have to see to believe.  Watch below and till we are able to go on that joyride with her, instead, take a nightride with the very beautiful and talented L.A. native.