New Vic Mensa – Go Tell ‘Em

The Birth Of A Nation: The Inspired By Album cover

The new highly anticipated, The Birth of a Nation film based on Nat Turner is set to release a week from today and to coincede with its release in a week, the soundtrack, The Birth Of A Nation: The Inspired By Album, was released today.  Featuring the likes of Hip-Hop and R&B heavyweights such as Nas, The Game, Lil’ Wayne, Pusha T, Marsha Ambrosius, Anthony Hamilton and Leon Bridges, one of the more standout tracks was actually from Chicago native Vic Mensa on the opening track, Go Tell ‘Em.  Like a lot of Vic’s latest material, it has a prime focus on all the racial injustices that have been going on lately and if you think about really as far back as slavery.  Thus why Vic was one of the perfect people to put on the opening track to a soundtrack to a movie about a former enslaved Baptist preacher.  Mensa relates the new cut from the days of Turner to now over the bluesy bassline and vocal chant that’s so powerful it sounds like it came from the movie, as he raps “Brick laid the birth of a nation, it’s the Roc/ White house, black man, plantation, it’s Barrack/ But we still can’t cross the street without the cops tryna Zimmerman us while the whole neighborhood Watch.”  Rapping with a visceral flow that sounds eerily similar to that of his Roc Nation boss from in his prime, this is by far one of Vic’s best tracks to date and possibly even ever of what he has released thus far.  Listen below as he shows why he’s not only one of the best in Chicago, but possibly even all of Hip-Hop right now.

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