Nello Rubio Interview With Muddy Magnolias

Jessy Wilson & Kallie North of Muddy Magnolias in the media room at Lollapalooza on Friday July 29, 2016 at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. Photo courtesy of Mary Caroline Russell

Jessy Wilson & Kallie North of Muddy Magnolias in the media room at Lollapalooza on Friday July 29, 2016 at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. Photo courtesy of Mary Caroline Russell

I recently got a chance to interview several artists while at Lollapalooza’s 25th Anniversary, last weekend here in my hometown of Chicago and I have to say one of my very personal favorites, was when I got a chance to sit down in the media lounge with the two very talented and beautiful young women who make up Muddy Magnolias, Kallie North and Jessy Wilson. Just hours before they were set to perform on the BMI stage last Friday, I got a chance to sit and talk with both on how this odd, but dope group came about, what it was like for Jessy to work with John Legend, the mostly positive reaction to their lead single, “Brother, What Happened?” from their upcoming debut album and what the process was like making the album, as well as what it felt like to have a song on the soundtrack and in the new Ghostbusters movie. Join in on the fun, vibrant, full of life, energetic vibe me and these two amazing women had by checking out the interview below.

Nello for to Muddy Magnolias: My name is Nello Rubio, I’m with

Jessy Wilson of Muddy Magnolias: You got on a Dipset shirt. I love The Diplomats. My favorites are Cam’ron and Juelz Santana. I’m from New York, so.

Nello: Oh, thanks.  I know you guys were not originally together. So how did that sort of come about?

Jessy: While, I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York. Kallie lives in the Mississippi delta and we were both on this journey, trying to finding ourself as songwriters. So we went to Nashville. Tennessee. Just to see what we can get into and how we can grow. I had actually found a photograph that she had taken, in an office on music row and I asked them, “Could I meet the person who is in the picture?” So it turns out it was her and we started hanging out and eventually started writing songs together. Then eventually we came up with the idea to make an album and that was about two and a half years ago now. So here we are at Lollapalooza and it has been a really fun journey so far.

Nello: Yeah, you sang backup for John Legend at one point, right?

Jessy: Yeah, I used to sing background for John Legend. I sang with him for four years. He was also my songwriting mentor. In that process is when I started really writing songs and falling in love with the songwriting process. And so ultimately that is what lead me to Nashville. So shout outs to John. *Jessy gives a laugh* while saying, “Love you.”

Nello: You guys your first single, “Brother, What Happened?” That recently came out. A real good and upbeat record. I know you guys are coming out with your debut album soon. How’s the process with that been like?

Jessy: Oh, my god.

Kallie North from Muddy Magnolias: It has been amazing. We jumped in and have been writing our asses off, for like the last two years. The song itself means so much to us because it is song that kind of asks everybody to check where they are in their lives and really question about the level of where this world has gone. You know you find yourself looking at the news and even like social media, and just really getting brought down by the race war in America or just people not being kind to other people. Violence and we just really wanted to put some good vibes out there and let people dance around and think about love again. Because when it’s all said and done, “You know we have love.” You know that’s what is left, after all the misery and the murder or even the tears. You know people have love and you can’t destroy that. So we are excited about this record because we feel there is a lot of love on it and when it comes out on Oct. 14th, we want all of our fans to feel the power of love again. Just feel inspired again. It’s just a long journey and we are so proud of. We are really just so proud.

Nello: Yeah, that kind of goes with what J. Cole was saying yesterday during his performance. He was saying how even like here in Chicago you don’t see them always show with here at Lollapalooza and all the different people there is in the crowds. The different races, ethnicities, and how they are being brought together by music. Not just music, but by everything. I talked to a few other people, like family members, friends and that recently. We said how that’s one of the things you don’t see a lot and especially here in Chicago. They try to feed you more of the negative than all of the positive stuff that is going on.

Jessy: I agree. I think that the media does try to infuriate our minds with all of the negativity. But I do think there is a healthy balance of knowing what’s going on in the world, but not letting it bring you down. Because if we don’t know what’s going on, if we don’t keep our ears plugged to the vibrations of the world. Then we wouldn’t know how to change the world. So if we are walking around in this utopia and not knowing what’s going on, then we wouldn’t know how other people really need us. So it’s just about striking that balance of promoting love, pushing your energy, “Love! Love! Love!” But than also looking in the areas were we need more love, so that we can go and help the areas. So that we can make each other better. I love J. Cole too.

Nello: I know you guys have a record out right now too on the Ghostbusters soundtrack.

Jessy: Yeah, a song. Yeah, yeah, yes!

Nello: Ironically enough I went to see the movie with my family just the other day.

Jessy: Did you like it? We haven’t seen it yet, so.

Nello: Yeah, it was good.

Jessy: Was it really good, yeah, tell the truth? Oh okay, good, I will go and see it next week.

Nello: Yeah, it was kind of funny because when I heard the song, I thought the sound was familiar.

Jessy: Oh, so you recognized it?

Nello: Yeah.

Jessy: Do they play it in the movie?

Nello: Yes.

Jessy: They did, wooo.

Kallie: We haven’t gone seen it yet, but we should really do that. Maybe one night when we get back to Nashville and get some popcorn and go.

Jessy: We were really excited when we found out. We were like, “What?”

Kallie: A song in a movie. That was definitely in our bucket list, like check.

Jessy: Huge cast and I can’t remember the name of the black woman that is in the cast.

Nello: Leslie Jones.

Jessy: Leslie Jones. She has been under like a lot of attacks on social media lately. Just like a lot of people, just like throwing slurs at her cause she is a very eccentric looking woman. She is a beautiful woman. A strong woman and it’s really cool because the movie they picked that song. It’s great because the song actually pertains to her life I’m sure. Like her in that situation, a lot of people can use the song and hear the song and see to let us know how inspiring it is.

Nello: Yep, it makes sense cause I’m actually a huge Ghostbusters fan ever since I was little. So of course when I found out about the movie I had my doubts and didn’t even really want to originally see it too?

Jessy: But you were pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

Nello: Yeah, yeah.

Jessy: Ok, well that gives me hope because I felt the same way. Like I wasn’t a huge Ghostbusters fan growing up, but I definitely loved that cast. But I had my doubts like, “Oh is it going to be good?” So now I’m definitely going to see it next week.

Nello: Yeah, they even have cameos from some of the originals in it.

Jessy: Oh, that’s fun.

Nello: Are you guys going to be doing anymore touring after this?

Jessy: Absolutely. We are working out what are touring schedule is going to be for the fall and the winter. As we have are album coming out October 14th. So really we will need to get out to all of the cities and promote this music and spread this vibe and let people know what we are doing. So until then we are just doing a lot of press like this leading up to the album and bringing awareness to the album. Which is called Broken People.  So look out for the album.