New Video BJ the Chicago Kid feat. Jay Rock – OMG/Woman’s World

BJ the Chicago Kid

A little less than a week after releasing his highly acclaimed major label debut on Motown Records, In My Mind, R&B/Soul vocalist BJ the Chicago Kid shows no signs of slowing down, as he releases a new visual (the video was first released on Thursday) showing us “A Day In My Mind.”  As for the crisp cut, black and white Shawny Ocho-directed video that features previously unreleased records OMG feat. Jay Rock/Woman’s World, BJ shows us how a day in his life is like.  Hear the previously unrealeased and very soulful OMG featuring Rock and the also very soulfully amazing latter record, as you watch below what a day in the life is like for the very talented and gifted R&B crooner.