New Video Jhené Aiko – Lyin King

Over a year after dropping her critically acclaimed debut album, Souled Out via ARTium Recordings/Def Jam, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko decides she isn’t done promoting the album and drops one more video from it with one of the more standout records, Lyin King. In the new very cinematic TOCK & Topshelf Junior-directed visuals that take place in a tribal civilization, Jhené let’s her spiritual side takeover as a medicine woman and when her and a bunch of women encounter a group of men things take a psychedelic turn. As she performs a miracle to give the woman back their grace and voices they had lost from the men in the tribe. It infuriates the men and especially the chief that the women are now taking their voices back. That is where it takes the real psychedelic turn, as the medicine woman now leaves the women to conduct a private ceremony for the chief, who thinks he will be getting a sexual experiment, but gets something much different that you have to watch to find out. It’s another very great visual collaboration from Ms. Aiko and Topshelf Junior too that shows why Jhené’s still among the greatest to actually put out amazing cinematic visuals to her songs and really takes the art serious to being an actual true artist in the sense of how she not only puts out her music, but visuals as well.

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