New James Fauntleroy – Sex High (Ashes On The Moon)

When it comes to his solo work, Grammy-Award winning singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy has been relatively quiet so far this year. Dropping only three records, the Los Angeles native tried making up for it somewhat by dropping two new records yesterday with Sex High (Ashes On The Moon) and Mid-Air. The first being a very smooth Salaam Remi-produced record, which with partial assistance of a vocoder let’s Fauntleroy show off his amazingly exceptional vocals and overall great musical ability with how he really makes you feel the record in your soul to almost make you want to get up to dance and get your groove and/or two-step on to. The other record Fauntleroy dropped, Mid-Air, is a just barely over one minute guitar-driven silky smooth jam, that plays more as an interlude or not completed record, which leaves you wanting more from it and wondering if there will even be more added onto it later. Sex High can be listened to below, while the latter can be found on Fauntleroy’s SoundCloud page.

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