New Prophet Amen Ra – S.T.O.M. (Stop Tweaking On Me)

Emerging Chicago emcee Prophet Amen Ra, who isn’t just your regular rapper and an overall artist with all the things he does besides rapping (he’s also the brand ambassador for emerging new social media app, Hang W/) drops his latest single, S.T.O.M. (Stop Tweaking On Me), which shows off why he has one of the most unique flows of any upcoming rapper from the hotbed of rappers coming out of Chicago right now.  Clocking in at just under two minutes, the track shows the many different influences this Chicago product has from not only the touching on the violence in his hometown, but also classic videos game like Pac Man and TV shows like The Simpsons, as well as many other forms of entertainment and not just music.  Even with his flow you can tell it’s not only Chicago influenced with Chance The Rapper, but somewhat left fieldish with Tyler the Creator and/or Hopsin.  Click below to hear this burning new track from the emerging Chicago rapper.